Strategic Disciplines

Strategic Disciplines - Millennial Connector, Culture Creation & Curator, Startup Success Blueprinting

What are Strategic Disciplines?

What are Strategic Disciplines or Core Disciplines?  They are game changers in today's competitive landscape. They are key players in today's workplace that most companies can benefit from in one way or another. The disciplines were developed over the last 20 years and utilized in today's workplace in countless companies and with hundreds of employees at all different levels.

Millennial Connector

Employee turnover and retraining costs companies millions every year. Failure to connect as leaders with the Millennial generation will not only cost you in terms of constantly having to rehire and retrain but it will cost your company the opportunity to connect with one of the most influential and educated generations ever. But if you can connect well then just sit back and watch your business go to the Next Level. HOW? This is done via a series of Tools including personality assessments, one-on-ones, strategic mapping, and engaging Millennials in the workplace. Engaged employees deliver extraordinary Next Level results. 

Culture Creation & Curator

Ever sit back and wonder why WestJet beats Air Canada? Culture. What’s the difference between two companies in the same industry with the same footprint but one triples in size in 3 years while the other loses ground to the competitor? Culture, and I can say that as I led Multigas Detection to achieve that growth in Alberta and did this exact thing to their competition. Acquiring and rebranding companies in the Industrial Service Fund often involved curating the existing culture to fit the existing platform of companies' culture. Great culture was a prime leader in high employee retention for all companies acquired in the Industrial Services Fund.

Startup Success Blueprinting

Ever wonder where did it go wrong? Why didn't I have the success I wanted or envisioned? Was it the preparation, process, or execution? Or was it the blueprint or lack thereof? After years of watching people try to execute on projects and meeting with minimal success I started to invest in 2 processes. First process is creating a detailed success blueprint and the second investment came in post mortems of all projects I participated on. Post mortems are when you get the participants together post project and talk candidly about the successes and failures along the roll out. The post mortem will become the starting point for your next blueprint for success.

Find out today how these Strategic Disciplines can attract, retain, and develop
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