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In the digital age, a well-thought-out strategy has become integral for organizations. Modern-day strategists review cultural trends and take the company in the right direction. Strategists are also aware of the changing market dynamics and understand consumer demands. 

In the post-pandemic era, industry-specific requirements and standards have reshaped the role of a strategist. Whether it’s effective strategy development or planning processes, expectations from businesses are at an all-time high.

The fact of the matter is that the role of a strategist has evolved beyond traditional business planning.  And “how” a strategist integrates internal channels to communicate a core organizational message across the board has become more layered and complex. Today, strategists focus on a multi-faceted approach to meet these new challenges.

Engage with people and success will knock at the door. 

According to McKinsey’s insights, Strategists now use a wide range of tools to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an organization. On the flip side, Strategists understand that a simple solution is often the best solution. Strategists now work to amplify organizational agility so that they can keep up with the changing business landscape. 

The Problem

In a service-based organization, a senior strategic leader witnessed a high turnover rate and compromised field productivity. On the surface, it became clear that this combination is bound to cost the company customers, resources, and hurt the bottom line. After careful review and consideration of the business model, the lead strategist found that the main issue was a disengaged team and lack of engaging leadership. 

The Method

Throughout the vetting and testing process, the Next Level Strategist took into account hundreds of leaders and thousands of employees. It became clear to the Next Level Strategist to create practical opportunities in three core strategic disciplines. At its core, the ultimate focus of these disciplines revolves around collaboration, people, and strategy.

The Solution

The right move for the Next Level Strategist was to use personality assessment and feedback loops to empower it’s emerging millennial workforce. The Next Level Strategist used these quintessential components to ensure the best strategic efforts were put forward.

The Next Level Strategist managed to:

  • Remove silos 
  • Attract more millennial talent
  • Ensure Positive outcomes
  • Build successful blueprinting
  • Positively impact sales
  • Encourage high employee retention
  • Heighten connectivity
  • Improve team collaboration

The Next Level Strategist understood that forming millennial connections and ensuring success blueprinting is not enough. In fact, The Next Level Strategist had to make continuous efforts to improve the value proposition. The next move was to identify cultural commonalities of brand-new acquisitions and ensure flawless integration into its business platform. The Next Level Strategist made sure to make organizational culture inclusive and broad enough to cater to all groups.

The Results

In no time, there was a significant transformative change in the company. For starters, the high turnover rate stopped and employees became more communicative and connected across the board. What’s more is that the organization already started to improve its sales game and to drive bottom line efficiencies.

It was only a matter of time before the organization’s productivity standards reached new heights. Ultimately, the company became one of the best within its industry segment and created high value for its employees and investors. After seven straight corporate acquisitions, the hallmark approach for the Next Level Strategist was to spot a pattern to ensure positive impact and create a blueprint to guarantee success. 

More Expectations, Multi-faceted Approach

Next Level Strategist understands that the roles of CFOs and CEOs are changing. The need of the hour dictates to form an intertwined and interconnected strategy. If “your” organization wants to evolve, it will have to think differently and develop a strategy that does not feel out of time and out of place.

Whether its employee engagement or the basic planning process, the effort has to be strategic and calculated to make a long-term positive impact on the company. Of course, your company can mirror the external environment and become more dynamic.

But a generalized template for business development and strategic efforts usually backfires. In the quest to meet high expectations, companies need to adapt and embrace a multi-faceted approach to stretch out their planning and development processes.

For instance, one of the most important facets of strategic development is research. It should involve proper reallocation of corporate resources and putting strategic capabilities in specific areas to identify major business opportunities.

At this stage, you have to focus on proprietary insights and current market trends. Ordinarily, most organizations need a more personalized strategic touch than others. Still, the core idea is to stretch out strategic efforts and choose relevant information to develop business processes.

Integration and Formulation

With Next Level Strategist, the focus is to combine groups and individuals for the strategic formulation, evaluation, and implementation. The Next Level Strategist managed to help the organization overcome common pitfalls. Once organizations start to think outside of the box, they can pair human intelligence with concrete data more effectively.

Rules of the Game

The secret to gaining a competitive advantage lies in “how” you align your strategic efforts. From research to analytical judgment to development processes, the right information and process should be able to lead to the most ideal solution.  It is the main reason the Next Level Strategist managed to play out different concepts and rules to translate into a successful strategy.

Core Disciplines Translate into Perfect Framework

The three core disciplines Next Level Strategist took more than two decades to develop. But these disciplines allow the Next Level Strategist to create a flawless framework to ensure the success of startups, small businesses, and established organizations.  


In 2022, most organizations want to utilize big opportunities to drive their businesses to the Next Level. On the surface, it may sound straightforward, but it requires careful consideration and a strategic approach to improve each process. After a thorough assessment, the Next Level Strategist managed to align the entire decision-making process in order drive employee engagement and limit costly turnover of customers and employees.

The organization now uses modern tools to leverage and manage opportunities to win more customers and improve profitability. Organizations that lack formal training and don’t know how to develop broad communications and strategies need to opt for Next Level Strategist. 

Learn how you can use various strategic disciplines for “your” organization to attract, develop, and retain employees and customers.

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