Customer Experience

Here on the Customer Experience page, I showcase some of the companies I've worked with over the past 20+ years. During this time, I have had the honour and privilege to work with some of the top business leaders in Canada, supporting them in turning their visions into reality. In each case, I've contributed to major wins in driving growth and taking each company to the Next Level. That's the Customer Experience that Next Level Strategist strives for with each and every client. Read on for more details on the impacts of my efforts with these companies. I can bring that same energy to help drive growth in your business, today!

Customer Experience:

San Fransisco Gifts

“Jean made it possible for us to grow nationally in less than 2 years from 55 stores in western Canada to 155 stores coast to coast. He did this through ingenuity, engaging employees, and constantly finding ways for us to reduce costs in distribution, transportation, and store supplies.”

- Bob Dawson, VP of Sales, San Francisco

San Fransisco Gifts - White Oaks Square, Edmonton, Circa 2008

San Francisco Gifts was Canada’s largest gift store chain for over 30 years in Canada from 1981-2011

Customer Experience: XS Cargo

XS Cargo was a Canadian discount store chain founded in 1996 by Mike McKenna and headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. At its peak, it operated 50 warehouse-style stores across 8 provinces. It also administered 2 distribution hubs in Edmonton and Mississauga.

Customer Experience:

XS Cargo

“Prior to Jean joining XS Cargo the company was struggling with timely order fulfilment due to our rapid store expansion throughout Canada. He made growing from 15 to 40 stores in 2 years possible, while improving inventory accuracy to 98%. Jean implemented a new WMS system that further decreased the time from our suppliers to the retail stores, then launched a 2 DC east/west model which ultimately drove transportation cost down and further compressed the delivery timelines.”

- J McKenna, Owner/COO, XS Cargo

Customer Experience:

Grainger Canada

“When Jean was leading our DC he was excellent at finding the root cause of any and all issues and has a skill set of communicating to the Team Members making them part of the solution. This skill helped increase engagement and accountability making our DC the envy of the company. With these leadership traits, Jean improved internal and external customer satisfaction allowing us to provide the best customer service in the country!!”

- Ray Guidinger, former GM (Alberta North), Grainger Canada

Customer Experience: Grainger Canada

Grainger is one of Canada’s largest industrial suppliers, with locations across the country

Customer Experience: The Brick

The Brick Ltd. is a Canadian retailer of furniture, mattresses, appliances and home electronics. The Brick operates 135 retail stores across Canada, and has distribution centres in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal.

Customer Experience:

The Brick

“As National Operations Manager, Jean was great to collaborate with, he was instrumental in helping to remove roadblocks and gain clarity on new ideas. His positive outlook was contagious and went a long way with motivating the team.”

- Bobby Grieco, Regional Director of Distribution (Quebec), The Brick

Customer Experience:

Newlook Capital - Industrial Services Fund I

“Jean was leading Newlook Capital's gas detection platform. During the toughest economic situation in Alberta, Jean was able to grow the business both organically and through acquisitions. He was able to assemble and mentor an operational team that was successful in delivering value throughout the investment period.”

- Abbas Osman, CIO and Partner, Newlook Capital

Newlook Capital - We Are Invested.

Newlook Capital is a private equity firm that currently manages two industry specialized funds. Each fund has its own focused, experienced, and aligned management, and a defined strategy.

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